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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Emerging Leaders Project?

Created and operated by party activists, the Emerging Leaders Project is a free, year-long leadership development program designed to help build the Indiana Democratic Party’s bench. It is the mission of the Emerging Leaders Project to engage and activate up-and-coming Democrats who have the potential and interest in being elected officials, campaign staff and party leaders in Indiana.


What does the Emerging Leaders Project Include?

Those who are selected participate in the Emerging Leaders Project attend conferences in Indianapolis throughout the year that focus on various aspects of campaign management, public policy and party building. Emerging Leaders also participate in conference calls with high-profile Democrats, are connected to a professional mentor in their home community and are invited to attend state and local party events.


Who is Eligible for the Emerging Leaders Project?

Each year young Hoosiers, who are between the ages of 21 to 40, are selected by the Emerging Leaders Project Board from a pool of hundreds of applicants from across the state.  To be selected, applicants must commit to attending all conferences.

How much does the Emerging Leaders Project Cost?

The program is free to the participants! Thanks to a generous contribution by former Indiana Democratic Party State Chairman Robin Winston and former Political Director Pat Terrell, the majority of conference related expenses including food and supplies are covered.  Emerging Leaders are expected to provide their own transportation to the conferences and cover any parking expenses that may occur.


When Can I Apply for the Emerging Leaders Project?

Applications are accepted May 1st through July 15th each year, with the actual program starting in the fall and concluding the following June. All applicants are notified by mid-July regarding their selection to the program.

Has the Emerging Leaders Project been successful?

Yes. There are currently more than dozens of alumni who are serving in office and many others who have run or are running for office in the future. Alumni have also gone on to serve as district and county chairs, on campaigns and as staff members of various elected officials.


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